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What makes a car a classic? Could you be driving a classic car?

Who knows? Who cares?

Well, apart from the cloud of pride and smug which follows those who drive classic cars, such status spells numerous additional benefits.

Most notable is a reduced insurance premium. This alone should encourage you to check whether your vehicle is classed as a classic. You could be missing out on hundreds of pounds worth of savings.

You have insurance brokers Footman James to thank for this nugget. And they've many other nuggets to share: What makes for a classic car? Many things; though it seems to be a combination of club membership and the age of your car.

For instance, if you're a member of the Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar car club and you own a Jaguar or Mercedes that is your second car and only covers limited miles per year, you could benefit from special policy rates once your vehicle is five years or older.

Additionally, owners of American cars which are five years old or more also qualify for a specialist insurance policy.

However, those looking to insure a classic car under 15 years or a classic American car under 20 years old must be a member of a related car club.

Says Andy Fairchild of Footman James: “The industry recognises that, on the whole, owners who cherish their vehicles usually drive fewer miles and generally avoid taking their car out in adverse weather conditions, therefore reducing the likelihood of a claim.

“Therefore, in many instances, classic car policies, whilst not totally immune, generally suffer lower premium rises than modern car policies.

“So, it is definitely worth shopping around and checking whether your vehicle is classed as a classic.”

Thanks, Andy.

So, if you drive a certain car and do so under very specific circumstances, you could save yourself a bit here!