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Ladies and Gentleman, Sebastian Vettel did it again. At a race that was nothing less than stupendous he managed to get the necessary amount of points to become the world champion for the second time.

Taking place at the Japanese Grand Prix, the 24-year-old Red Bull driver began in pole position for the 12th time, knowing full well that all he needed was a single point to get the championship. While the pressure did not completely dissipate, only a catastrophe would have prevented him from losing what was already in his grasp.

Now the youngest double world champion, the driver said that it was even more special than the last title. With 324 points he has certainly nothing to be modest about, considering his closest competition came from Jensen Button with 210 and Ferdinand Alonso with 202.

Finishing in third in Suzuka, the race went to Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso, trailing only 2 seconds behind. Sobbing on the victory lap, the driver thanked everyone that helped him get to where he was. He jumped out of the car and immediately was praised by his entire team. This was a Red Bull victory once more, one that continues the team’s dominance over the sport.

A young driver, he began driving for Red Bull in 2009 and stuck with them ever since. Becoming the youngest driver to ever win the World Drivers Championship he was also the youngest to drive at the Grand Prix full stop at the age of 19. Winning race after race, his beginnings at the Junior series with carting and Formula 3 has taught him a great deal, forming the necessary foundation needed to raise him to where he is today.

A moment that will last in the annals of F1 history, Vettel and his fans certainly have been given a great opportunity to rejoice. With only a few more exciting races left, it looks like this season has been filled with a great deal of excitement. Let us hope that it remains as exceptional throughout the years.