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The recent decade has seen a greater breach of speed barriers than ever before. The Pagani has terrified drivers, Lamborghini as well as Ferrari have mastered their craft, and of course the Bugatti Veyron has impressed audiences all over the world with its price tag as well as phenomenal speed. It seems that this family has a new contender that puts them all to shame: ladies and gentlemen, the SSC Tuatara.

Now, this vehicle is fast. When I say fast, I mean fast: 275 mph. It is powered by a twin-turbocharged V8 that has a 7-letter capacity and produces a brain shattering 1350 hp. If we use the Veyron as a benchmark, it beats it on every front, even surpassing its top speed by 15 mph. The car even went so far as to beat the other SSC car that it modeled: the Ultimate Aero TT which had a 256 mph limit.

We can thank the American’s for producing this monster, with famous Shelby Super Cars producing these amazing pieces. Only 12 have been built and the price tag is actually to be set at a very reasonable £500,000 (no sarcasm intended). With the Veyron Super sport coasting nearly £1.5 million, this is certainly a steal for what you get.

The car is named after a New Zealand reptile, one that has a direct link to the dinosaurs. Certainly not looking like a reptile, the vehicle is quite a looker. Its smooth shapes as well as a tail that will have men cheating on their wives with this beauty. It is completely made for speed and from every angle it is completely gorgeous. The interior is state of the art, with a seven-speed gear box simply waiting for you to drive.

Obviously built from carbon fiber, it looks like something from a 22nd century road. While most of us will simply dream about owning such a jaw-dropping car, it will and has change the way we see vehicles. Look out for it on the roads, if of course you manage to catch it when it’s driving its top speed.