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Few companies have the same pedigree as the prancing horse.  Each and every model is meticulously crafted to be the best I can be, ultimately meeting and breaking certain standards. Constantly innovative, Ferrari has recently unveiled the 599 XX Evo, the latest addition to its car family. Set to replace the 599 and the Enzo based FXX, it looks like the company finally managed to outdo itself.

The Evoluzione, or evo for short, is the next step in the evolution of the model. Similar to the FXX, the vehicle is not street legal but nonetheless offers an incredible boost in speed. In many ways the car offers its very wealthy driver a peak into the next-generation performance technology that will slowly make its way into the standard line.

What sets this car apart from other Ferrari’s is its modified Enzo-sourced V12 engine. Capable of producing 750 bhp at 9000 rpm and 700Nm, it will certainly impress. Furthermore, at 200km/h the car produces a total downforce of 330 km with flaps open and 440km if closed. With all this behind the hood, Ferrari recently stated that the car was capable of completing its notoriously difficult Fiorano test track in just 1 minute 15 seconds.

Furthermore, this car is set to change Ferrari aerodynamic forever, offering numerous improvements over standard techniques. Premiering its ‘open gap’ design, the car uses 2 flaps similar to ones used in F1 cars to judge the downforce between the front and rear axles. These work together with SCM, ESP, ABC and F1 traction controls to balance the car out. Auto-Types has noted that the car will have modifications made to the front and rear splinter as well, helping with its aerodynamics.

Lastly, Ferrari has been ever keen to cut down the weight of the car. Here, aluminum is used to reduce the weight by 77 pounds. Every pound counts, costing the car much needed speed. This decrease combined with its new Pirelli tires has Ferrari hoping that it will be just enough to make this car its best.

To be revealed at the 26th edition of the Bologna Motor show in Italy, the car will certainly be turning a few heads on tracks soon. While there is no information about the price, if the FXX’s price tag says anything it certainly won’t come cheap. So if you’re in need of a fast track car and are willing to shell out a lot of money then the 599XX Evolution will certainly be the right car for you.