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We’ve all dreamed of the day when we can step into our very own flying car and glide off to work. I know I certainly have. There’s something appealing about getting off the ground, soaring above all those houses and buildings, and landing gently at the office. While for most this is a dream, an opportunity has opened up that could make it a reality, offering one lucky buyer his or her very own flying car.

While it’s certainly nothing like Jet Jetson’s vehicle, this 1954 Taylor Aerocar N-101D is as close as you’re going to get to the real thing. Built during a time when the air was the latest frontier, the historical vehicle represents the “golden age of aviation,” allowing it’s owner to drive and fly.  Operating in an astoundingly simple fashion, when it isn’t in flight the car folds its wings backs and can be towed behind another car. When the driver was ready, within 10 minutes the wings could be folded back and it would be ready to fly.

Certified by FAA Standard Airworthiness Category, the car is a two-seater which even by modern standards has some advanced technology. For example, it has a fuselage skin made out of composite material and is front wheel drive. Its Lycoming engine has a propeller mounted at the “end of a long tail cone, the latter angled up for propeller clearance” powers it. With an ability to cruise at an impressive 100 mph and a takeoff speed of 55 mph, it’s quite a piece of machinery.

Proudly owned by Greg Herrick from Mineapolis, the collector of extremely rare vehicles has been selling the car on and off since December but hasn’t been able to find a buyer. Several reasons for this have been linked to the rarity of repairable parts as well as the complexities involved in filling out two separate insurance and license forms. Similarly, actually finding a parking spot at home and at work may also cause the owner to consider purchasing this vehicle.

While it may not be the most practical contraption in the modern age, the fact that it’s a car will certainly turn some heads. If you have around £800,000 lying around and are looking for a thrill, why not get your very own flying car?