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Since we were children we’ve been promised flying cars. Waiting patiently for that glorious day, many of us have given up hope. Those of us who never questioned its potential truth will be excited to note that the flying car will soon become a reality.  Ready for lift-off at the New York International Auto Show, our dreams are about to take flight.

Developed by none other than MIT aeronautical engineers, the Transition Roadable Aircraft has been the talk of the car world ever since development started in 2006.  Creating by Terrafugia, the company is set to make its first public debut at the world famous 2012 New York International Auto Show. The purpose of this is to allow the public to take a close look at the vehicle and finally experience what it will feel like.

What makes this vehicle so unique is that it has folding wings that can easily fit inside any normal garage or storage area. While it certainly won’t be silently launching straight up in the air, it is certainly the first major hurdle to overcome to make The Jetson’s a reality.

Company COO Mracek Dietrich stated that they’ve selected the New York show because of the “value this show brings in terms of exposure to future owners, investors, and partners.” A crowd pleaser, the company hopes that it will be the crowning jewel of the autoshow.

This echoes what director Alan Liebensohn had stated about seeing this vehicle as a unique and enormous step towards personal transportation and individual freedom. Indeed, the director noted that the skies are the only major obstacle that we have on this planet.

The company suggested that the vehicle would constitute the first transformer: a car that will perform dual functioning roles.  However, with this come several problems. The most of these have been the enormous amount of safety tests needed, not simply in the car but also in the aviation categories. Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that one needs a pilot’s license to actually fly this vehicle.

While the car still appears in prototype form, the car is almost ready for production. Already classified as a Light Sport Aircraft, the car is certainly a great leap forward into the future.