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In hard times, Ford has decided to set up a scrappage scheme for those London Based customers who own commercial vehicles. Those people who own vans of 10 years old or over are eligible for discounts of up to £3000 pounds if they swap their van for a newer model with the Fiesta Van, Transit Connect and Transit being included under the new scrapping scheme initiative.

The scheme was influenced by lovable London Mayor Boris Johnson’s announcement that he wants to join manufacturers in helping to provide financial support to those most affected by the changes to the London Low Emission Zone which are due to come into effect on the 3rd of January 2012, which means that those drivers who own larger commercial vehicles which do not meet Euro 3 emissions standards will be eligible for a £100 a day charge or be fined £500, especially van and minibus owners. Ford were prompted into introducing the scrappage scheme to help provide relief for van owners already struggling with fuel increases; the scrappage scheme allows van owners to gain significant discounts on models which meet the Euro 3 standard.

The scheme is supported by the Mayor who said: “I am delighted Ford is being so supportive with its commercial vehicle scrappage scheme. It is particularly pleasing that vans running on engines made locally in the capital are part of this package. Ford’s commitment as market leader is a fantastic contribution to my goal of a less polluted London.”

Then London Low Emission Zone initiative has been in place since 2008 but next year 72,000 more vehicles will be included. The Ford scheme offers customers discounts of £1000 on a Fiesta Van, £1500 on a Transit Connect, £2000 on a Transit FWD and £3000 on Transit V348 RWD, providing van owners with  certain peace of mind that they have a realistic way of meeting the new demands.