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Under the Tourneo new people mover brand, Ford have released a line-up of cars full of space, comfort and versatility; and at the head of it is the all-new Tourneo Connect.

Ford’s Tourneo line-up is undergoing a radical transformation, led by the stylish new Tourneo Connect and with more exciting product to come,” said Barb* Samardzich, vice president Product Development, Ford of Europe. “These are good-looking, versatile and well-equipped vehicles that families, professional drivers and those looking for space to stow bikes and even fishing equipment will choose for their practical virtues and enjoy for their do-it-all spirit and attractive design.”

(Personally I think he is pushing it a little at the good looking bit. It looks like what it is – a car based on a van design with added seats and windows. But then every man has his own idea of good looking)

Ford are launching the Tourneo Connect as a passenger car, positioning it as “a practical and affordable family vehicle offering outstanding space and versatility in a stylish new package.”

Practical it certainly is. There are two versions available – the five-seat Tourneo Connect and the seven-seat Grand Tourneo Connect – and it’s not only good for families in general who are particularly active (hence the amount of space available for sporting equipment), but also professional chauffeurs to transport their customers about in, impressing them with the sliding rear doors, highly-adaptable seating and the aforementioned galaxy of space, including a host of smart stowage areas. Surprisingly, they don’t mention taxi and minibus drivers, for whom this would be ideal; but maybe they fall under the ‘professional chauffeurs’ banner – something I should imagine that they have never ever been called in their lives. But there’s a car park space outside a nightclub or hotel somewhere reserved for a Tourneo Connect.

Although they have yet to announce any particular size of engines, it has been revealed that the Tourneo Connect will be offering best-in-class fuel economy with downsized diesel and petrol engines and Ford ECOnetic Technologies features.

It is due to go on sale next year in North America (where it will be called the Transit Connect Wagon) and Europe, where Ford expect diesel to make up the majority of its sales. But if you can’t wait for that, you can get a new eight/nine-seat Tourneo Custom people mover right now.

* Is this a real name or has someone misheard 'Bob' in an American accent?