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When Michael J. Fox uttered the words “are you telling me built a time machine, out of a DeLorean?” in Back to the Future his role as well as the vehicle became part of film history. Simply one of the best movies of all times, the film came to encompass an era and placed the car manufacturer on the map, forever associating it with the time travel.

Certainly a car to watch out for, it looks like a recent auction allowed for one lucky fan to own their very own piece of cinema. The DeLorean DMC-12 in question was one of the seven used in the film and one of three remaining. Selling for a whopping $541,000, the car is certainly one that will make its driver proud. In order to provide you some perspective, a modern day DeLorean usually goes on sale for $30,000.

Part of the proceeds will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. A cause that impacts upon the actor’s life quite dramatically, he hopes to raise both awareness about the disease and hopes to provide a cure in the future.

This car in question was largely used in Back to the Future Part III, the last of the Back to the Future trilogy. It’s history traces back to Joe Maddalena the owner of Profiles in History specialization store. He painstakingly restored the vehicle back to its past glory, installing all the features that were original to it, including the Volkswagen V-6 engine.

Those that are interesting in purchasing Back to the Future memorabilia should note that famous Nike shoes from Back to the Future Part II will go on sale. Writer Molly C Braswell noted that the shoes popularity during the period was astounding yet only seven were ever made and only three are known to exist today.

While hitting 88 mph won’t send you back in time, this car will certainly be turning a few heads. Those of you who missed the opportunity to purchase such a fantastic vehicle will be excited to note that updated versions of the famous DMC-12 model will begin to be released in 2013. Ready to live up to the original 1976 to 1982 run, they will offer modern drivers a very classic look.