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Garages. What are they there for? Well, you'll always need somewhere to store those old tins of paint and bundles of newspaper tied up with string. Ostensibly, though, they're to store your car. To keep it safe from the elements, the environment and from brigands.

But here's a concept based upon a curious premise: Garages are all well and good, but they do tend to make your car invisible to visitors and passers-by alike.

Not any more! AutoSpace is designed to transform an ordinary domestic garage into a “stunning show space” at home.

AutoSpace garages offer bespoke designs tailored to meet your personal needs. They can accommodate multiple cars, a workshop, storage space (for old paint) or even a garden studio or office – we're talking modular units added as required, here.

They can be designed with floor to ceiling glazing, security blinds, ambient lighting and electric roller shutters. The idea is that they can be tailored to the same extent as the motor which is to be stored within.

Says Amira Idris Town, a partner of Ecospace, the design company responsible: "Certain cars become an iconic benchmark in automotive design, and we wanted to create a more appropriate solution where your car can be kept, enjoyed and admired. Whatever you drive, from a rare classic to the latest supercar, you need somewhere to keep your pride and joy safely and have convenient access [to] it.

“We believe AutoSpace is an innovative and well designed advance from what else is available on the market, and allows clients to achieve a contemporary, high performance solution that best complements their cars and requirements.”

But how much will one of these set you back? Well, you're looking at a bare minimum of £18,000 +VAT for a fully-installed single bay AutoSpace measuring 6m x 3.4m x 2.8m. Case in point? The model as shown above would set you back some £45,000 +VAT.

Clearly, then, these things are designed for rich home-owners. Which does make sense, as that Vauxhall Corsa you got second hand, though lovely and reliable, really would look somewhat out of place in the old AutoSpace.

But how long before we start to see these things in Nuneaton and Dis?