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Scott doesn't take the words "I can't" as an answer (Image Credit: Matt Marsh Photography)

With just a short time before the selection process to find four women to become UK Wildcats starts on the 9th of September, “Gazelle Commander” Scott Webber, a certified Personal Trainer, gave his thoughts on what the hopefuls can expect from the minute the hard work starts, as well as what he is looking for in the hopeful women, who are targeting a chance of a life time to be part of the “UK Wildcats.”

Even though the hard work is still ahead, Scott himself gave some key tips and pointers to all the hopefuls that are gunning for one of the four prized seats in the 25th running of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc next March.

Scott kindly spoke with us here at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts ahead of the bootcamp that will set the ball rolling, as well as how hard those wanting to chase that experience of a lifetime, are going to have to work. 

Nationwide Vehicle Contracts: Scott, firstly, thanks for taking the time to talk to us here at NVC. As a personal trainer, you stand by three key ideals: dedication, motivation and will power. How will those entering the selection process be able to adapt as the Rallye gets ever closer? 

Scott Webber: I strongly believe that a positive mind set is crucial to being able to adapt to a different situation. 

If a new situation arises in front of you, you have to adapt your way of thinking, so instead of saying “How can I do this?” it is better to think “Right, I can do this.” By changing your approach, it then helps drive you to work harder.

As the challenge continues on, the contenders that have the strongest and most positive mindsets will be able to tackle any new obstacles without any problems.

NVC: With any endurance event, such as the Rallye des Gazelles, preparation in all aspects is truly the key to getting the best results. In your time as a personal trainer, will one method work for everyone, especially when it comes to hydration, nutrition and exercise?

SW: When it comes to training and nutrition, I do feel if something works for one person, it may not work for someone else. That way, by asking my clients to try the workout, the workout can then be adapted to suit their needs if they aren’t getting the results they are wanting.

There are so many people that I see doing the same type of workout day in and day out, who aren’t seeing any results, which means that they’ll start to complain after a while, as they’re not seeing any changes in their body.

My response to them is quite simple: “Why haven’t you changed it up and start something different?” The human body is a very complex and very smart machine, so it is always best to mix it up with different workouts and keep it guessing.

When it comes to nutrition, I found that the diet each person has should represent the goal that they are trying to achieve. Protein intake is key to increasing muscle mass and helping the muscles to grow, with the right combination of carbohydrates and healthy fats to fuel the body to work hard.

NVC: The impending 2-day boot camp will show key strengths and weaknesses in all that are taking part. What are the key qualities that you will be looking for, and what may the hopefuls expect?

SW: I want the contenders to show me that they are putting 100% into everything they do, keep working hard and keeping their chins up. I will be pushing them hard from the very beginning in both a mental and physical aspect.

They also need to show that they can adapt to the different challenges by still being able to use their heads when energy levels are low, as well as when physical and mental tiredness comes into play.

Being able to use initiative by taking the lead and participating as a true team player will be a key to working as part of a team, no matter who they are working with.

One of the most important aspects is to have that drive to succeed, which I’ll be looking for. This is as well as showing me the qualities that I believe in. Even when it feels like it is going to break you, having a strong motivation, dedication and willpower will push you through it all.

NVC: Those competing next March will be experiencing constant temperatures of around 22 degrees Celsius and varying different terrains, so it won’t be about just one factor that make the difference. How will you be helping our Wildcats-to-be when it comes to the methods that you’ll be using in terms of getting them ready? 

SW: For the past few weeks, I have been trying to instill a “never give up” mindset. I’ve been giving them extremely tough workouts to try, which are not for people that don’t like working hard.

If I could, I would love to be able to be there when the girls do the workouts, so that I can make sure that they are working hard enough, By doing the workouts on their own, the contenders are getting used to pushing themselves hard without someone shouting at them.

So when it comes to the boot camp, they will be able to cope with the extremely tough tests that are coming their way. When it’s over, those that make it to the next stage will have built up a strong mental toughness, which will help them to stay strong and stay motivated.

NVC: Finally, Scott, what part of the training will help our Wildcats to push themselves beyond their limits, even when the words “I can’t” come in to the equation?

SW: The most important workout I have given the contenders to do is a “Mini-Triathlon” challenge, comprising of a 2500m row, 10km bike and 2.5km, which they have to do as fast as they can.

The goal I’ve set them is to do this once a week and to beat the result from the week before. It is a great way to build a “never quit” attitude. It helps to build that competitive streak that is required, as it is YOU vs YOU.

In every stage of the training, I will not accept “I can’t” as a response to any of the commands that are given to the girls, especially as some of the girls have been shown how hard they will be working in a pre-boot camp fitness session we did the other day.

The hopefuls will be pushed to breaking point this coming week, as the boot camp will start the ball rolling for all concerned. Scott will expect all entrants to push to the limit, and in some cases, even beyond, as he is part of the judging panel that will make the tough choices of who goes through.

Monsterfeet Media is producing the forthcoming 6-part documentary series, which will see the journey from start to finish. David O’Sullivan will be directing, and his team will capture the highs and lows along the way, as those being successful in getting to Morocco will share their highs and lows on what will be a defining and emotional journey.

The journey has only just begun, as the "Wildcats" have yet to be discovered