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Autumn Budget Cooking On Gas

Chancellor George Osborne has committed to a 10 year initiative that may see LPG fully embraced as a viable road fuel.

Though the coalition government is defined by their U-turns, their failures and their inexplicable sadism, and though they will likely be remembered as one of the worst governments ever to ruin the UK, it must be said that they've often been genuinely brilliant in kindling the emerging green motoring industry.

From Boris Johnson's cycling initiatives to their plug-in car grants, even if they are inherently incompetent, pernicious and vindictive, the coalition government at least deserves praise for their apparent green streak. George Osborne's recognition of the potential of cheap, environmentally friendly LPG is quite remarkable.

George Osborne – Full of Gas

George Osborne has essentially introduced a decade-long trajectory for LPG that he hopes will give UK businesses and private motorists alike the knowledge and confidence to embrace this alternative fuel source with the assurance that the government will continue to offer their support.

Also announced in his December 5 Commons address was a far greater level of financial support for other less commonly used fuels as liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG).

Surprisingly, this overarching support for alternative fuels has been met with some criticism by just the very people who dedicate themselves to supplying the country with such gas. Autogas Limited, for example, believe that a lack of consistency in government support for gas-based road fuels may further isolate those car manufacturers who currently overlook the UK market for factory LPG models.

LPG All The Way

Says Linda Gormall of Autogas Limited: “It’s not clear why LNG and CNG are being treated differently from LPG. All three have similar positive environmental credentials but LPG is the only one to offer a reliable nationwide supply infrastructure, used daily by thousands of drivers.

“By offering less substantial support to LPG, the government is jeopardising ongoing industry investment and greatly reducing the likelihood of any manufacturer reintroducing eco-friendly LPG models to the UK market.

“We would urge the government to increase its support for LPG to match that of other green road fuel gases such as LNG and CNG, which will do a great deal more to help the conscientious private motorist.

“Positive government backing is vital to encouraging more drivers to discover the benefits of adopting LPG, and we call on ministers to develop a package of measures to support its widespread uptake.”