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Every day it seems the electric car revolution becomes more and more of a reality as it dawns on us that, whether we like it or not, fossil fuel-free motoring is the future. Although it may be some time before we the M25 full of whisper-quiet electric cars buzzing along like a scene out of the Jetsons, 2011 will go down in history as the start of the long process whereby internal combustion engine-powered cars were gradually phased out.

The Nissan Leaf can proudly proclaim itself as the first mass produced electric car to go on sale in Britain (see previous post), but other manufacturers don’t plan on getting left behind, most of the big names plan to release an electric model in the near future.

To stimulate sales of electric vehicles, the government has proposed a £5,000 grant to anyone planning to buy one, offering an incentive for those who are on the fence. Yesterday, the list of cars which will be eligible for this grant was revealed, they are as follows;

Mitsubishi i-MiEV (January 2011)

Smart FourTwo Electric Drive (January 2011)

Peugeot iOn (January 2011)

Nissan Leaf (March 2011)

Tata Vista (March 2011)

Citroen C-Zero (March 2011)

Vauxhall Ampera (2012)

Toyota Prius Plugin (2012)

Chevrolet Volt (2012)

Most of these vehicles will cost between £23,000 and £30,000, meaning that even with the government grant, electric motoring is not cheap, though they all at some point be available on contract hire deals. Of course the benefit is that owners of these fine machines will never again be hampered with extortionate fuel prices, making electric a sound investment. For all you speed demons that don’t fancy any of these on the list, don’t worry, Ferrari will one day make an electric model! Besides, there’s always the Telsa Roadster, the first ever electric supercar, though needless to say, this does not qualify for the grant!