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In a time of great environment change many companies have been investing in green energy. With so many different players knowing what they offer is only half the battle. With a run through some of the favorites, choosing one that’s right for you may become increasingly focused. With only 20,000 out of 73 million cars sold last year being electric, companies have begun to increase not only the size of the electric departments but also their ambitions.

Nissan has invested nearly $5 billion in the electric powered “leaf” car. With a waiting list extending months for little $30,000 car, it has become a favorite of the passes. While it is completely zero emission, it doesn’t’ have much of a distance range, especially if you plan on travelling cross-country.

For every call there is an answer and the exotic and speedy Tesla Motor Model S has a 300 mile-per-charge distances that blows most of the competition away. With the even quicker charge rate of 25 minutes to full and the ability to swap out the batteries within minutes, it’s certain a chosen vehicle among electric car lovers.

However, when it comes to buying hybrid cars none can take the crown away from Toyota. According to recently conducted surveys done by Automotive Business Intelligence, Toyota is the most recognizable public company and a leading dominating force both in perfection and in realty.

The Prius was not only Toyotas most recognizable car but also, according to statistics, considered to the most open to usability and costumer friendliness.

Millions sold worldwide the Pius continuously improves upon itself, offering new and more effective innovations. The Prius + was recently revealed and boasts a seven-seat incredibly effective economic resolve.

The world has begun interaction with the vehicles more and more, with large cities providing power stations to charge the new modern of transportation. No small part due to Toyota, London as well as cities like Los Angeles have already implemented them, paving the way to a greener future.

For whatever your need there is a car to provide for it. While the market may still be small, the increasing competition within the firms will greater great new vehicles capable of quick power-ups as well as the ability to travel great distances.