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The American vehicle manufacturer Ford is once more in the new with the release of a life changing technology that may alter the way we drive. The produce under question is located in the drivers seat and has in-built sensors that allow for the monitoring of the human heart. It uses special electric chips that distinguish eh electric impulses of the human heart and parallels it with data it acquires during the time the vehicle is driven.

It is by no means a fully competed project as Dr Achim Linder of the Ford Research facility noted. It was not only a breakthrough for Ford but for vehicles everywhere. The opportunity of this technology can be implemented into a wider array of applications, each with life saving consequences.

The purpose of this technology is to detect problems as soon as they arise. As our understanding of the human body expands so too does our ability to predict its future functions. Initially linked within the wireless network, it will allow instant reactions to accidents but also health related causes that my disable an individual from taking correct action.

The particular focus that Ford engineers have been trying to implement along side this technology is to enable the car to react and ultimately control itself if a health related situation were to arise. With faster computers and “cleverer” operating programs, one day the transition between individual and car will be more fluid and ultimately create a safer environment to drive in.

The application of this style of seating has been tested in sedans and smaller vehicles as they tend to be the ones that are most used. However it is also tentatively scheduled to be implanted into military grade vehicles in order for soldiers health to be measured as accurately as possible for a low cost.

Whatever the future may hold for technology, it will certainly be an important part of our cars safety features, perhaps even saving our own lives one day.