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How To Avoid Costly Fines on Your Staycation

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From not securing your four-legged friends to navigating wet roads, these simple staycation mistakes could land you up to £12,000 in driving fines!

Travelling with pets? Secure them or pay up to £5k in fines

Not got a Sat-Nav stand? It could cost you up to £1k in fines

iphone on vehicle phone holder

Wet weather? Splashing a pedestrian could land you a £5k fine

Warning other drivers about speed cameras could land you a £1k fine

It's important to follow the Highway Code to avoid fines and to keep you and other road users safe. Fines can easily drive up the price of your staycation but may also impact future insurance prices if you end up with points on your licence.

Keith Hawes
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts
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