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Nationwide Vehicle Contracts shows you how to create the perfect road trip playlist for your car.

Planning a road trip? There are a couple of things you need. Enough fuel, food and water, and a suitable playlist to ensure your passengers will be looking forward to the return trip.

When compiling a good playlist, you need to consider several things: where you'll be driving, the passengers you have on board, and what's on your route. 

To help you out, car leasing experts Nationwide Vehicle Contracts advises how to create the perfect road trip playlist for your car.

Know your audience 

The first thing you need to do is plan for the passengers that are going to be in your car. Consider every passenger's music taste, and include some songs that will make them happy. Also, if you know someone who doesn't like a certain song, remember to exclude it from your playlist.

If you have a playlist that includes everyone's music tastes, it shows your passengers that you've carefully thought about how to make them happy, ensuring it will be a great road trip.

Consider the destination 

This is another essential for a good road trip playlist. If you're going on a road trip with your friends or family to a holiday destination, you can include upbeat and fast-paced songs to keep the mood as happy as possible.

However, suppose you're driving to a funeral or somewhere sad. In that case, your passengers will unlikely want to listen to upbeat songs, so consider changing the music genre that will better suit their emotions.

A handy feature on Spotify is that you can search for music based on mood. They have created playlists for various emotions, including 'good energy', 'happy pop hits', and 'sad songs'.

Match the music to the setting 

If your road trip takes you through a range of different places, plan ahead and include songs that perfectly fit the setting. For example, if you're driving down the coast, include songs about the sea or include musical instruments you'd be likely to hear when at the beach.

On the other hand, if you're driving through a city, include songs about city life or find a few about the city you're in. You can search for songs about a certain area on all music streaming platforms.

Plan a few iconic moments 

If your route takes you past a landmark or something special, play a few songs that will make the moment that one bit better.

This will improve the experience for all your passengers and show once again that you've gone the extra mile. It will also be sure to get good reviews from your passengers, which is always a plus!

Take some requests 

If there's a bit of a lull during your journey, take some requests from your passengers to get the vibes going again. This will boost everyone's mood as it's a bit of fun and will make each passenger happy as they can play their favourite song.

Just ensure each passenger queues their song, so it doesn't ruin all your hard work and interrupt your perfect road trip playlist!

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