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I have before me three tables of figures relating to the percentage of  accidents recorded in a given space of time. In terms of days of the week, at  17.9% of total accidents recorded, it seems you're most likely to do yourself a mischief on a Friday.

Next comes months. Whilst the figure for percentage of total accidents recorded is pretty similar each month (at just over or under 8%), at 9.2% it's clear that the highest number of incidents were recorded during November.

Finally comes the time of  day. Whilst you're least likely to have an accident between 4-5am (with but 0.17% of total accidents recorded during this hour), at 8.84% it seems that the lion's share of accidents take place between 5-6pm.

So. If we take these three tables together, it seems that Friday evenings in November see the roads at their most dangerous. So, err...look out!

But why? Well, it might be a combination of the fact that November's statistically the wettest month of the year coupled with the notion that drivers are still adjusting to darker road conditions after the clocks go back. The 5-6pm time slot, rush hour, is when the roads are typically at their busiest.

The second most dangerous month in terms of the total number of incidents reported is December at 8.9%. This might be because the dark and wet conditions of November are further compounded by a certain wintry frostiness. Or, it might be because, I don't know – are people more likely to drink and drive in this most festive of months?

Or it might just be One Of Those Things.

Just...take care, yeah?