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Epsilon is the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet. It corresponds with the “E” of the Roman alphabet.

Why have Chrysler decided to alter the spelling and, presumably, the pronunciation for their latest model?

It seems that they're even asking themselves that question. The “Y” which replaces the “E” echoes the “why?” or linguists everywhere.

Or does it?

But anyway. What's in a name?

The main thing to keep in mind is that Ypsilon is the name of Chrysler's new supermini which is being introduced to the UK this month. It's described as a mix of “segment-leading style, cutting edge technology, eye-catching design and world-class engines”, and it really does look fabulous. Just fabulous.

And it's only 3.8m long! And it boasts five doors!

This is the first entry for Chrysler into the supermini segment, and the Ypsilon comes so fully loaded with a host of new technologies that already they might appear to some to be leaders in this field.

For instance, the inbuilt Magic Parking system seems to come as standard. Pushing a button on the dashboard activates a system which uses radar senses to measure the length of empty spaces in order to assess if they're suitable for parking. Should the car and driver deem it so, onboard computers take over the steering to manoeuvre the car into place whilst the driver retains control of the break and accelerator. This, combined with the Ypsilon's small size, might make the headache of parking simply non-existent for its owners.

There's also room enough to install the Blue&Me TomTom LIVE system which features a touch screen that allows occupants to manage phone calls, satellite navigation and even the control of a media player. Ypsilon customers will also get a year's free subscription to TomTom's LIVE service which combine accurate traffic information with dynamic route calculation.

Further innovations include a Smart Fuel System which makes refuelling easier by reducing harmful gas emissions and fuel overflow; a 360° 500-Watt sound system that’s a unique factory fit option in such a small car; a height and reach-adjustable steering wheel; electric front windows; a 60/40 (50/50 ‘S’ model) split rear seat and a height-adjustable driver’s seat.

Told you it looked fabulous.

The Chrysler Ypsilon is onsale in the UK now. Unfortunately, the only thing missing from Chrysler's 10,000 word press release was a price. Maybe it's supposed to be a surprise, the rascals.