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Jaguar Super Bowl

Heroes and Villains

No advert break in the world is more coveted than that of the Super Bowl. It's even more important than Coronation Street's. Some people watch the Super Bowl just for the adverts, all of which are huge, grandiose affairs created just for the occasion. Jaguar are clearly pleased as punch to have nabbed that slot.

Their ad will serve to launch a whole new brand ad campaign, entitled “British Villains”. With their twirling moustaches, gold-capped canes and top hats, there ain't no villain like a British Villain. Jaguar might be onto something here.

The focus is upon the new Jaguar F-TYPE coupe, and this marks the firs time Jaguar have ever produced a commercial specifically for the Super Bowl.

Jaguar – British Villains

Set to make its debut on Fox during the second half of the Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2 2014, the 30 second spot plays on the idea that British actors always seem to play the villains in American films. The most egregious example that comes to mind is Scorcese's The Last Temptation of Christ, in which Jesus and his friends are played by Americans, whilst the Romans, led by the evil David Bowie, all sport British accents.

Jaguar, though, are taking this in their stride, saying that it merely proves that we, as a nation, exude charm, intelligence, confidence and restlessness. As a result, the campaign will be coupled with the hashtag #GoodToBeBad.

The campaign features renowned British actors and will be filmed by Academy Award winning director Tom Hooper, of The King's Speech fame. “This is one of those jobs that can really be a lot of fun,” he said, “so I was quite happy to oblige when Jaguar asked me to be a part of their first Super Bowl commercial.”

Jaguar Breaking The USA

Throughout 2013, Jaguar sales in the USA have increased by 36%, the highest growth in the whole industry.

In advance of the Super Bowl spot, Jaguar will air an unusual ad in North America to introduce the idea that a British luxury brand might be a disruptive player. The spot's called “Disruptor”, and it's the brainchild of Jaguar North America Vice President Jeff Curry.

Says Jeff: “The campaign signals that the F-TYPE Coupe is the new British bad boy in the segment and is designed to disrupt the tradition-bound sports car market.

“We look forward to bringing the best of British film to the Super Bowl viewing audience with renowned actors and Academy Award-winner director Tom Hooper.”

Meanwhile, the new Jaguar F-Type Coupe will make its debut at both the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show and at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Have we got an exclusive sneak preview of the car, or indeed, the advert, for you? No. That's all under wraps. But if you can't wait, you can console yourself with these exciting Jaguar F-Type leasing offers from Nationwide Vehicle Contracts.