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KIA Soul EV Range TestMany people out there are sceptic about not only MPG figures but, in the case of electric vehicles (EV), the range of them on a full charge. In the case of the Kia Soul EV, since its UK launch in October 2014, that means their claim of an homologated range of 132 miles.

So, to prove the claim - a big and positive talking point already as it brings a new benchmark to the class - Kia Motors UK set up a real-world range test under the watchful eye of external eco and green car experts, Next Green Car.

And now those results have now been published on a video available here.


Taking place around the cities, towns, villages and countryside of Somerset and Wiltshire, the Kia Soul EV made its way along a specially designed route that was planned to make sure that the car encountered all types of road and traffic environments, including Bristol's bumper to bumper traffic, huge descents and ascents of sweeping countryside road network, busy A and B roads, and the high speed demands of the M4; all part of the plan to ensure real world accuracy by replicating many consumers' daily journeys.

And, because the test took place in England, to bring further authenticity to the test, the weather was not favourable. Throughout the day, the average temperature was 8 degrees centigrade, coupled with both light and heavy rain, meaning that performance was (along with the roads) slightly dampened, traffic on the roads was heavier than normal, and the Kia Soul EV had to use more battery power because of the need for on-board heating, screen wipers and headlights. In addition to this, the driver replicated every day driving by using satellite navigation, heated seats and radio.

The video features all elements of the test and includes regular reference to the on-board trip computer and range expectation display, and gives all the results in full. But if you don’t yet have time to check it out, here is a bit of a précis.


The full range achieved on this test was 125.3 miles, and because there was still 13% left on the battery and around 9 miles left on the display, this means that an estimated 15 miles can be added to this figure - giving a realistic potential range of 140.3. In all likelihood, if you take into consideration the Soul EV's intelligent regenerative braking system and the driver controlled functions available such as limited use of on-board electronics, air conditioning and frugal driving, that range can be extended even further.

A spokesman for Kia was pleased, to say the least: “Since the Kia Soul EV's launch in October 2014 it has impressed with its class leading battery technology, homologated range, high level of equipment, excellent driving experience and everyday practicality. This range test not only proves the Soul EV is fully capable of its stated performance figures, but also that it operates above expectation in normal UK road conditions and scenarios.”

Impressed? Surprised? Pleased? I’d say all three.

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