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Welcome To Facebook, Land Rover

Land Rover pride themselves on their rich heritage, and their illustrious history as a brand is celebrated in their latest advertising campaign.

With their new Facebook tab, Land Rover are inviting the curious and the enthusiastic alike to explore their various stories and achievements in more detail.

The new Land Rover Facebook page tells their story through a series of images and direct links to YouTube clips from yesterday and today. You can learn all about everything about the Land Rover – from their curious origins to the continued development of their design and engineering excellence; taking in, along the way, the various global achievements that have helped to make them, in their words, “one of the world's best respected premium car manufacturers”.

The Land Rover Story

Our story begins with a section called Conceived on a Beach. Maurice and Spencer Wilks had a vision for a rugged vehicle with formidable capabilities. They sketched a rudimentary outline in the sand – the beginnings of a dream that would soon be realised in metal.

Chapter two details Land Rover's long history of global expeditions. Beginning with the 1955 Overland Expedition and concluding with 2012's Journey of Discovery, what better way to highlight the sheer tenacity of their vehicles than through showcasing such feats as a marathon adventure from Birmingham to Beijing in a successful attempt to raise £1million for the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies?

No Challenge Too Big

Next comes an exploration of those qualities inherent to every Land Rover model ever produced. Not Driven by Vanity or Fashion will satisfy anyone who's ever wondered about just what makes Land Rover tick.  With a particular focus on the Range Rover Evoque, you'll get a rare glimpse into the philosophies and tests that go into developing a Land Rover from concept to market.

A Desire to Serve is all about Land Rover's involvement in disaster relief and in areas where most other vehicles would crash and burn. Finally, Above and Beyond brings things to the present day with a special sneak peek at the all-new Range Rover.

You can visit Land Rover's Facebook page right here. Have fun!