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Nationwide Vehicle Contracts explores the best drive-thru coffee spots in the UK and what to look for. 

Aren't drive-thrus great? You get to eat your favourite food and drink from the comfort of your car, and you don't even have to get out! 

Drive-thru fast-food restaurants have been around for ages, but a new phenomenon that's arrived on the scene is drive-thru coffee shops. But where are the best ones, and what makes a good drive-thru coffee shop? 

In this blog, car leasing experts Nationwide Vehicle Contracts explore the best drive-thru coffee spots in the UK. 

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What to look out for: 

We're all unique, so a certain spot that some people like others might not. That's why it's key that you find a drive-thru that suits your preferences. You should consider: 

  • Location - With drive-thrus, convenience is key. Look out for a spot that's located along your daily commute or travel route. This will ensure you can easily grab your coffee without going out of the way. 
  • Quality - Ever gone out for an expensive meal and it was an anti-climax? Yeah, try not to look disappointed when paying! Coffee is the same; you want a spot that uses high-quality beans and offers a range of options, such as lattes, cappuccinos, and more. 
  • Efficient Service - The whole point of a drive-thru is to save time, so make sure you find one that makes your coffee quickly and efficiently. 
  • Friendly Staff - Even though it's a quick interaction, you'll want to find a spot that has friendly and welcoming staff. A coffee served with a smile will make it taste that bit better. 

The Five Best Drive-Thru Coffee Spots in the UK:

Bewitched Coffee - Northampton 

What's better than an independent coffee shop? A drive-thru independent coffee shop! Bewitched Coffee was set up around ten years ago in Northampton and has grown into a multi-chain business. Their crown jewel is their drive-thru shop in Northampton, which provides amazing coffee for those on the go. 

You can find them at Unit 31, Darnell Way, Moulton Park, Northampton, NN3 6RW. 

Starbucks - Warrington, Oakwood Gate  

You can't go wrong with a Starbucks, can you, especially in the run-up to Halloween. Pumpkin spiced latte pending! The first Starbucks on this list is the drive-thru located at Oakwood Gate in Warrington. 

It has a 4.4 review rating on Google and came second in our list of the UK's best drive-thrus. They must be doing something right in Warrington. I tip my hat to the manager. 

You can find this very special Starbucks at Oakwood Gate, Warrington, WA3 6RW. 

Starbucks - Lincoln, Flavian Road 

Another entry for Starbucks. The third drive-thru on this list is found at Flavian Road in Lincoln. With over 400 reviews on Google and maintaining a rating of 4.1, it's an impressive performance from Starbucks. 

If you're in Lincoln, give it a go! You can find them at Flavian Road, Lincoln, LN2 4GR. 

Costa Coffee - Kinsey Road, Chester 

For those who prefer Costa to Starbucks, get yourself to Chester. The best-rated Costa Coffee in the country, the Kinsey Road site, has a Google review rating of 4.4, which is some feat. 

As well as getting some of the best Coffee in the country, it's just a stone's throw from the Cheshire Oaks outlet. Now, that sounds like a great day. 

You can find them at Kinsey Road, Chester, CH65 9JY. 

Greggs - Irlam 

A coffee and a sausage roll from the comfort of your car is pure bliss. The Greggs store in Irlam was their first drive-thru in the UK and has proved popular with customers. 

Located in Irlam in Salford, why not check out the store and then go for a day out in Manchester. Trust us, you're bound to love it!

You can find them at Irlam Gateway Service Station, Eccles, M44 6FW. 


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