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With a driving record that is capable of being bested by a toddler, the once famed starlet Lindsey Lohan has landed once more in some hot water, although this time the circumstances are far less devious than her normal dealings.

News broke yesterday morning after the celebrity website TMZ reported that 26 year old Lindsey was taken to a hospital after a crash. The gossip website went on to note that she was driving her Porsche on the highway west of Los Angeles when she collided with a lorry. Santa Monica Police St. Candice Cobarrubias told journalists that the crash occurred at 11:45am on the Pacific Coast Highway in California. While investigation is still on-going, TMZ learned that the star is not seriously injured and that she was taken to the hospital merely as a precaution.

Drivers involved in the crash have noted that the accident was Lindsey Lohan’s fault. While Lindsay has insisted that it was a mechanical fault of her car and not her bad driving skills, the police has yet to confirm either story. Needless to say the truck driver told TMZ that the accident happened when the actress swerved into his lane. He said that he was” already in that lane. The witnesses that came and left me their information said this women was flying on the freeway… she came over and hit the back of the truck. There’s even a video… of this whole incident. I was going about 40 miles an hour.. I felt a nice-size jolt.” This incident seems to be backed up by evidence provided by Lindsey’s friend who said that that she slammed on the breaks once she realized that the collision was imminent.

After a string of personal troubles stretching back to 2007 including jail, rehab and court, journalists at the Telegraph noted that the artist was released in March after almost five years of formal breaches. Currently the actress is set to star as Lizabeth Toylor in the Lifetime TV movie “Liz & Dick,” a film based on Taylor’s life. While the actress has not starred in any major films as of late, she hosted the ever-popular “Saturday Night Life” and has made a few appearances on Fox’s “Glee.”