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Many of us have gotten into car accidents. While some are more severe than others, we can all agree that they are fairly common occurrences. Capable of happening anywhere and at any time, news channels very rarely have the time to report each and every one of these. However, once in awhile, one occurs that quickly captures our attention, changing the way we appreciate cars forever.

Such an occurrence happened this morning in Japan, where some 14 vehicles caused chaos in the south prefecture of Yamaguchi. Rather than being your run of the mill Toyota’s or Ford’s these were perhaps the most well known vehicles on the planet. Comprising of some eight Ferrari’s, a Lamborghini, three Mercedes and two other vehicles, the news of this ultra expensive crash has been reported all over the world

Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun reported that the accident occurred when one of the Ferrari drivers tried to change lanes but accidentally ended up hitting one of the barriers. One thing led to another and all the cars ended up quite damaged. Video footage and pictures are now spread out all over the web, documenting the event from multiple angles.

Patrol lieutenant Eiichiro Kamitani said that he’d never seen or expected such a thing. He suggested that since the speed limit was only 80 km/h and the cars were as damaged as they were, the vehicles were obviously travelling at considerably higher speeds. Recent reports suggest that the convoy was travelling between 140-160 km/h. At such, the lieutenant suggested that it only took a few seconds for all those cars to come crashing into one another.

Recent reports put cost of this now scrap metal at around 300 million yen or roughly £2.5 million. This is not surprising seeing the huge list ranging from 355’s to F430’s. Indeed, recent reports suggest that while some of the vehicles remained reparable, others were no longer recognizable.

As these vehicles were designed for high-speed collusions this not surprising of to hear that all the drivers escaped serious injury. Indeed, police reports suggest that only 10 individuals were treated for cuts and bruises.

It is certainly a fascinating and sad day to see such beautiful cars lay beaten across the road. While this accident serves as a good example of high-speed dangers, one would hardly believe that Ferrari drivers would ever limit their speeds. Nonetheless, it will certainly be interesting to see how these individuals file their insurance claims.