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For those people who live in small sleepy towns and villages, the last thing you want to hear whilst you’re sat at home trying to watch X Factor is the sound of speeding traffic past your front door. Especially when the speed limit is set at a reasonable 30mph.

For those people there seems to be little respite or course of action, what can you do? Contact the council? Unlikely to be of any real use. One man however has gone to extreme methods to get his message across to people zooming past his house.

Tim Backhouse from Bow in Devon has painted a huge two storey 30mph speed limit sign on the side of his house to make sure that no one passing through could be unsure exactly how fast they should be going.

The action came after Mr Backhouse contacted the local council who told him that their assessment of speeding in the area showed that the average speed was only 31mph, not a significant problem. However the self employed artist and builder pointed out that there is a lot of traffic throughout the day which reduced drivers speed to only a few mile an hour and he decided to take matters into his own hands.

With no speed cameras in the area drivers are lithe to pay attention to the current signs in place, but Tim’s 10ft reminder could be just the ticket to make drivers through the town think twice about following the limit.

The sign was strategically finished in order to be ready for last week’s Road Safety Week and whilst it’s yet to be seen if it provides a significant change in speeding in Bow it draws attention to the fact that people see speeding as a big issue, both as an annoyance and as a major safety risk.