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A recent study of gender differences from the Institute of Advanced Motorists has found that men and women aren’t that different when it comes to driving attitudes and behaviour.

The study surveyed 1000 people - 520 men and 480 women, most of whom claimed they were confident, safe and considerate drivers.  Although almost twice as many men claimed to be confident behind the wheel.

Both men and women felt their confidence could be boosted by taking an advanced driving course, believing it would increase their driving skills.

Men are more likely to take care of any car maintenance for the cars in their household and deal with legal documentation. In households where both partners drive, the man is much more likely to drive on a day out.

This pattern is often reversed on a night out, where the men are happy to let the women drive.

Neil Greig, IAM Director of Policy and Research said: “Despite the many myths attributed to drivers of either sex, it’s clear from out survey that they both have a similar approach to driving. Men and women are equally likely to admit to speeding, poor parking behaviour or losing their temper.

“Almost a quarter of women say that being a passenger when their male partner is driving leaves them feeling less relaxed.”

Half of both sexes surveyed say they occasionally speed or lose their temper with other drivers, but next to none are willing to admit using a mobile phone while driving, or to driving after drinking.

A quarter of both sexes admit to parking where they shouldn’t, either regularly or occasionally.

Mr. Greig added: “Single women are significantly more likely than single men to have a car and women drive less when in a relationship.

“The findings are positive and dispel a lot of previously misheld conceptions, particularly about women drivers.  While women are still more nervous in certain environments, such as fast-moving traffic or bad weather, we encourage them to take the steering wheel more often, and get as much practice as possible.”

Will this reason study change many men’s opinions of women drivers? In my opinion, I doubt it!

But from my own experiences with friends and relatives, I think women are just as good at driving- often far more sensible and definitely less likely to show off!