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More Mitsubishi SG3 Shoguns on the road with Highways Agency We will be seeing the Mitsubishi SG3 Shogun making a few more appearances on the motorway network of the UK as the Highways Agency add another 40 vehicles on to the 30 model fleet that has been in existence since March 2014.

And Alan Rowley, Contracts Manager for the Highways Agency, explains why the Highways Agency has decided to choose the Mitsubishi Shogun for their fleet: “The Mitsubishi Shogun with its exceptional towing capacity, high reliability, low running costs and large boot space make it particularly suited for its Traffic Officer role. As fleet manager I am extremely pleased to be continuing our already long standing relationship with Mitsubishi and am happy to welcome them onto my fleet."

Obviously Mitsubishi are extremely pleased to be able to show off their Shogun as part of their ongoing relationship with the Highways Agency (HA) and are delighted to be able to show off what they call their ‘cradle-to-grave’ conversion service. By this they mean that all 40 new SG3 Shoguns will be built at Mitsubishi’s state-of-the-art Specialist Vehicle Operations Centre in Cirencester, which they will be refitted. Adapted and upgraded to meet the requirement of the Highways Agency, taking up to 24 hours to complete each vehicle.

The bespoke Shogun will feature the distinctive Highways Agency livery, light bars and grille lights amongst other specific Highways Agency requirements.

Dan Pigot, Corporate Sales Manager at Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, said: “This latest order from the Highways Agency is proof that Mitsubishi Motors in the UK is continuing to tick all the boxes with Specialist Fleet Operators. The Highways Agency know that the Shogun is a tough, practical vehicle and that it is also extremely comfortable to drive. The fact that we are able to offer our specialist fleet refits ‘‘in-house’’ is a major selling point. No-one knows better than the manufacturer what can be done, no third parties need to be involved so the whole process is nicely joined up and the vehicles will also benefit from the conversion running in line with the vehicle warranty.”

The contract between the Highways Agency and Mitsubishi Specialist Vehicle Operations is just another addition to a list of high-profile fleet operators using the Mitsubishi Shogun that includes the Ministry of Defence Police, Severn Trent Water and Thames Valley Police for their Dog Units.

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