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Using facts and figures from the UK's major roadside assistance companies, a newly published infographic dropped into our inbox today, revealing some statistics about common MOT problems, including major failure areas, MOT failure rates and other morsels of maintenance factitude.

The graphic, from Twwhiteandsons.co.uk, contains a host of interesting facts including:

  • 20% of all new cars fail their first MOT test
  • 90% of Suzuki Splashes pass their first MOT
  • Almost 20% of tyres in the EU run below the legal limit of 1.6mm

We won't spoil the rest of the figures for you - take a look for yourself below.

Infographic of Car Maintenance Facts

If you're worried about being caught out by the kinds of mechanical failures detail in the graphic, you'll be pleased to know that many leasing customers get breakdown recovery as part of the package. Remind yourself how leasing works or contact us for more details on our optional maintenance packages.