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Oh dear! Not what the male driver really wants to hear. But it’s the findings of a survey from breakdown cover company GEM Motoring Assist that 60% of UK children aged 5-16 prefer their mums doing the driving because dads drive too fast, are more aggressive and lose their tempers at the drop of a hat – or sight of a brake light!

The survey revealed that mums are more considerate to other motorists, less likely to suffer from road rage, and do not weave impatiently in and out of traffic. But, good news for male chauvinist drivers, the same children (1,300 were polled) did admit that mum is more likely to stall the car, and panic over the very basic manoeuvres such as parking.

Despite these ‘minor’ faults, children still give their mums a great big thumbs up as the person they most want to take them to school or to their friends’ houses and they actually gave reasons:

  • Mums talk a lot and tend to keep the children entertained – possibly because they are more likely to put up with the same song being played continuously. And yes: the wheels on the bus do indeed go round and round and it is a good idea to put your hands up if you are in love (as JLS advise.)
  • Mums also sing whilst driving, which forms part of the entertainment – especially if they can’t actually sing.
  • Mums drive at a reasonable speed so that children don’t feel like they are on a theme park ride.
  • Mums are considerate to other drivers and will let them out at junctions, give way on roads that are busy and not shout and scream when the driver in front makes a little mistake.
  • Mum also has a nicer car. Sometimes it’s the same car, but it just seems nicer.

David Williams MBE, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist, comments: “It is clear from the results that a sensitive and relaxed driver has the most calming effect on young passengers.”

David continues: “It is important that children do not see their parents driving too fast or too aggressively, as this could have a long term effect on what they see as ‘the norm’. There is a general belief that kids exposed to poor driving could mean that they copy this action when they start to drive themselves.

“Wherever you’re going, always allow plenty of time for your journey so you don’t have to rush.  It is important to make your kids feel safe in the car and, more importantly, it is vital your children are safe in the car.  Not sticking to the rules and driving too fast puts your kids in a dangerous situation and could result in a serious accident,” David concludes.

Well done, mums of the world.