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The new Fiat Abarth 595 front view

The new Fiat Abarth 595 is the natural heir of the original model launched back in 2008, and is now available  to lease from Nationwide Vehicle Contracts.

Available as a hatchback or convertible, the new Abarth 595 is offered with three trim levels - 595, 595 Turismo and 595 Competizione - and three power levels to satisfy the requirements of an increasingly demanding market, but all-in-all coping with demands for performance, technology and iconic Italian style.

Many of the upgrades take inspiration from Fiat's work on the 695 Biposto, dubbed the "smallest supercar", which allows real racing thrills and technology to be experienced on a street-legal car, and even the ditinctive and affordable entry level Abarth 595 version "offers all the standard equipment needed to ensure typical Scorpion enjoyment and driving pleasure."

And then there is the model for the purist who loves performance and no-compromise sportiness, the 595 Competizione, and the compact 595 Turismo version which references Italian GTS in a size more suited to the ways and streets of the city.

Engine and gearbox

One of the biggest innovations on the new Fiat Abarth is under the bonnet via is the increased power of the 1.4 T-jet engine installed on the 595 and 595 Turismo versions. The 595 is now able to deliver 145 HP and 206 Nm of peak torque, while the 595 Turismo reaches 165 HP and 230 Nm, fitted, as it is, with a Garrett turbine. All variants of the 1.4 T-jet engine are paired with a mechanical five-speed gearbox but they can be fitted with an Abarth robotised sequential gearbox with shift paddles.

On the other hand, the 595 Competizione with its 180 HP and high-performance Record Monza exhaust with dual mode system is the car for drivers who crave racing adrenaline in terms of both performance and technical features. Acceleration from 0-62mph in just 6.7 seconds is achieved, before braking safely with the oversize Brembo braking system with four-piston fixed aluminium callipers, and in sporting comfort in the anatomical “Abarth Corsa by Sabelt” shell seats. 

Abarth mechanical limited-slip differential

The new Abarth 595 is the only car in its segment to fit a truly exclusive mechanical limited-slip differential (Abarth D.A.M.), for outstanding performance, onto its 595 Competizione model with manual transmission to help the Competizione reach its full potential. Helping to improve traction in extreme conditions, the mechanical limited-slip differential makes sure that there is adequate torque transfer between the front wheels when either has less grip, allowing the driver to eliminate understeering.

Also available on the new Abarth 595 Competizione with manual gearbox alongside the Abarth D.A.M. is the new Performance Pack that includes  17” Supersport rims and Sabelt leather/Alcantara® seats with carbon shell, carved aluminium 595 badge and the red, white or glossy black customisation pack to personalise the look of the car.   

Brakes, suspension and Sport button

Coming as standard on 595 Turismo and 595 Competizione are the Koni FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) rear shock absorbers to optimise the driving experience and safety by improving road-hold, handling and stability, with the same shocks also fitted as standard on the front suspension of the 595 Competizione, with an increase in dynamic performance as a very achievable target.

The aforementioned Brembo braking system with four-piston aluminium monoblock fixed callipers (in standard red or optionally black or yellow) is available on the top-of-the-range Competizione  along with 305 mm ventilated and perforated discs.  

And across all models of the new Abarth 595 we find a Sport button to allow a change in the car's parameters: "from maximum torque output to power steering calibration to get a more direct and less invasive feel." The accelerator reacts accordingly and promptly as the TFT instrument panel switches to racing configuration, in perfect Abarth style.

The Design of the new Abarth 595

It's not just under the bonnet that changes have been made in an effort to improve performance. On the outside, the new Abarth 595 has many new features which improve performance. 

At the front of the car, we see a whole new design, and it now comes with an oversized air intake to improve engine heat management and increase cooling capacity by 18%.

The new Fiat Abarth 595 rear viewAnd at the back, Abarth engineers have been hard at work creating a more pronounced diffuser on the bumper, with specific bumper inserts having also been created for each trim level. The 595 gets matte black, the 595 Turismo a matching body colour, and the 595 Competizione Anthracite grey.

The new 17’’ Granturismo rims that come as standard on the 595 Turismo are 7% lighter and have over 50% more ventilating surface to help heat dissipation, and to enhance the braking system, increasing performance as a result. 

The new Abarth 595 features new satin chrome trim on the 595 and Turismo versions, new mirror caps (satin chrome on 595 Turismo, matching body colour on 595 and Anthracite grey on 595 Competizione) and the side stripes (as standard on 595 Competizione), and is now available in 15 body colours. 

These colours include some pastel, metallic and tri-coat paints and five bi-colour liveries in addition to the standard Circuit Grey, and include an exclusive Modena Yellow, the sporty and bright new Abarth Red pastel, the new tri-coat Ghaccio White, Scorpione Black/Podio Blue, Scorpione Black/Record Grey and Circuit Grey/Abarth Red.

And finally, when it comes to what the average person in the street and on the road will wolf-whistle at, the Abarth 595 comes with three packs to help customise the car's appearance with an Abarth side sticker, mirror caps and front and rear bumper inserts in three colours: white, black or red.


The cabin of the new Abarth 595 hasn't been forgotten either, adding a new ambience to the Abarth drive, with new upholstery throughout the entire range, and new technical materials, like Alcantara® and carbon fibre cleverly reasserting the sporty character of the model. In particular, the 595 version offers specific Abarth fabric seats characterised by extraordinary lateral support. The 595 Turismo version comes with black, natural or red leather seats, while standard on the 595 Competizione are the Corsa by Sabelt seats, among the best supporting seats available.

To ensure effective sporty driving, the new Abarth 595 sports a new flat bottom steering wheel with centre detailing, with the Competizione version made of technical materials, such as carbon fibre and Alcantara®. And, in keeping with model characterisation, the dashboard fascia, which has always been one of the most iconic features of the 595, is coloured specifically for each version: matching body colour on 595, matte grey on 595 Turismo and tar cold grey on 595 Competizione.

On the dashboard, the innovations continue with a brand new sports instrument panel, which improves readability, especially with the new graphics that characterise the Sport mode, including white boost gauge lighting to make reading easier and more immediate.


All versions are equipped with Uconnect™ 5-inch DAB Radio with touchscreen and Uconnect Live services as standard equipment (also with built-in navigator on request). The Uconnect™ 7” HD system, a fast platform complete with high-def screen, navigation and DAB digital radio, also makes its debut in the Abarth range, bringing with it a high-definition screen and Abarth Telemetry to enable driving performance to be studied and maybe improved.

Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto will be available in September for users of smartphones using Apple iOS and Android if requested on Uconnect 7" to allow  quick and easy access to all the functions and contents of the smartphone on the touchscreen of the new Abarth 595s.

And finally, the refined and powerful BeatsAudio™ system with seven speakers makes a very welcome appearance on the new Abarth 595. 

The Abarth 595 is available in 6 versions:

  • 595 Hatchback1.4 TJet 145hp Manual 
  • 595 Convertible 1.4 TJet 145hp Manual   
  • Turismo Hatchback 1.4 TJet 165hp Manual  
  • Turismo Convertible 1.4 TJet 165hp Manual 
  • Competizione Hatchback 1.4 TJet 180hp Manual   
  • Competizione Convertible 1.4 TJet 180hp Manual  

To register your interest in leasing an Abarth 595 Hatchback or Convertible, speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives.