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Very few cars can compare to the sheer beauty of the Bugatti Veyron EB 16.1. Crafted by the German gods of engineering, its introduction in 2005 shook the entire car world. As you may have guessed these cars don’t come cheap, making them rare and gorgeous pieces of machinery. Consequentially, when one of these vehicles gets a ticket it comes to the attention of the press, if only due to the ridiculous contrast of cost.

Spotting one of these illusive beauties is easier said than done, with only 300 ever produced worldwide. Yet, after a great deal of searching, it appears that the fair city of Manchester has one. Rumors had recently circulating that the brilliant car made an appearance at the city centre last week yet without confirmation nothing else could be said on the matter; nothing, that is, until Daily Mail photographers located it with a £60 parking ticket slapped on its windshield.

Reporters finally had proof of the cars marvel existence when a traffic warden booked the vehicle for an illegal parking violation. Rather than cursing at the civil servant, a small crowd amassed around the car to take pictures of this rare beauty. While this certainly has an element of schadenfreuda, the German term for pleasure derived from others misfortune, many felt that simply seeing the car was a reward in itself.

Owned by a multimillionaire property developer, the financial contrast between the price of the vehicle and that of the ticket seems rather extraordinary. Few would suggest that the owner would not be able to quickly pay the ticket with some loose pocket change.

Costing between £1 and £1.6 million, this toy has a rightly deserved reputation. Developed by Volkswagen Group and produced by the French marque Bugatti, its massive 8.0 litres quad-turbocharged W16 engine produces an earthshattering 1,001 bhp. Not to be outdone in any other area, the car can reach a top speed of 253 mhp (408 km/h) and could reach its top speed in an estimated 55 seconds.  But if you’re more modest in your sensibilities than the vehicle will take you from 0-60 mph in just 2.4 seconds. While it soaks up nearly 3.6 mph at that top speed, the journey in the fasts road-legal production car would certainly be worth it. While this writer has had the privilege of seeing it drive around the city, perhaps there will be more sightings as time goes on.