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A unique marketing campaign set up to raise awareness of the limited edition Fiat 500 Pink, has won another top award.

The campaign, dubbed PINKMYRIDE, became one of the longest-running live streaming adverts in history, and featured a male model painting a white Fiat 500 a shade of nail varnish pink. It was broadcast non-stop on a special micro-site, with the painter only stopping to eat, sleep and send Twitter messages out.

The effort has just won the Best Automotive, Aerospace and Marine Campaign title in the coveted Campaign Media Awards.

The successful process also attracted nearly 36,000 visits to the micro-site, more than 105,000 views of the viral video and over 500 entries to a special competition to win the chance to help with the painting of the car. The campaign helped to sell the 500 Pink online.

Elena Bernadelli, marketing director for Fiat Group Automobiles UK and Ireland said: “The Fiat 500 is already a cheeky, happy, cutting edge car. But this limited edition bright pink version challenges the sensibilities of even our most impulsive and individual women customers.

“The campaign brilliantly raised the profile of the Fiat 500 Pink and really engaged our audience.”

The Fiat 500 Pink became 2010’2 ‘must-have’ motor because it was so fashionable and exciting. New cars start at around £11,700 and they are the first of many new Fiat 500 limited editions.