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Everybody is pleased with their car to a certain extent but when it comes to readers of car magazine Auto Express, in their Auto Express Driver Power customer satisfaction survey, drivers of Lexus cars have voted their car manufacturer No.1 for the 11th year running. In fact, Lexus have been at the top ever since the survey was first carried out in 2002.

Nearest to it was its sister brand, Toyota, which moved up to No.2 from No.4 last year. Altogether a bit of a triumph for the Japanese giant.

The survey is based on the opinions and personal experiences of around 29,000 readers of the Auto Express with there being seven satisfaction guarantees for readers to vote on and award stars to manufacturers. Lexus scored over 90% in six out of the seven categories, with Toyota grabbing a Top 5 placing across the board, no doubt helping them to seal their runner-up position.

Steve Fowler, Auto Express editor, said: “We know that increasingly it’s how you sell as much as what you sell that’s important to car buyers. Lexus and Toyota dealers continue to impress with first and second place rankings by consumers in our 2012 Driver Power Dealer survey.

“It’s all down to treating customers how they want to be treated, then going a little bit further to impress. Plenty of other brands are trying to play catch up, but they’ve still got some way to go to beat the best.”

Lexus were obviously as pleased as what is the Japanese version of Punch.

Richard Balshaw, Lexus Division Director, said: “Coming first in the Driver Power survey for the 11th year in a row reflects how our core commitment to delivering the highest levels of customer service continues to yield results. The hard work of the men and women in our Centres every day is about ensuring customers are completely satisfied and it is great to see their efforts rewarded in this way.”

Toyota were just as happy and, as sister to Lexus, pleased to make the survey a family success. Steve Settle, Toyota Customer Services Director, beamed: “When it comes to customer service, there are so many areas where you need to get it right to succeed, from the way you handle phone enquiries, to recognising how every customer will have different needs preferences. Understanding all of this and delivering the kind of friendly, professional and fair service that will secure customer satisfaction and loyalty requires time and dedication, qualities that are recognised in Toyota’s progress in this year’s Driver Power survey.”