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We’d all like to live like royalty. Between the grand processions, enormous houses, and fancy dinner parties, who amongst us wouldn't trade places with William or Kate? Well as it so happens, a small part of this lifestyle can be yours, allowing you to feel like Queen on your daily drive to work.

According to the Telegraph, the Ministry of Defence is selling a 35 year old green Land Rover Series III used by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. In immaculate condition and only boasting 1,892 miles, the vehicle is custom workshop build with quite a few unique features. Perhaps the most impressive of this is the ‘back seat driver’ control which notify the driver what actions they need to take. Working on a ‘traffic light system,’ it operates through a stop, slow, or start leaver that connects to the drivers consol.

Initially such a vehicle is valued between £15,000 and £18,000, but because of its illustrious past, experts predict that this car could fetch considerably more. If the Land Rover used by Sir Winston Churchill were to be used as a litmus test, the car could sell well into the £100,000 range.

Commenting on this story, Frank King, from Land Rover Series 3 Owners club, told Telegraph reporters that “It is a very special model and I am sure it will attract a lot of interest. The fact is was used by the Queen makes it all the more interesting and a £15,000 estimate seems stupidly low. I think it will sell for a lot more with that provenance and hopefully it will go to a museum and someone will look after it.”

Going under the hammer on Saturday November 24 at the Historics at Brooklands in Surrey, Edward Bridger-Stille, the director of the institution, said “We are excited and honoured to be entrusted with the task of finding a new home for such a unique vehicle. We pride ourselves on bringing distinctive vehicles to auction, and despite prolific production of the Series III Land Rover, it’s highly unlikely one like this will ever come to auction again.”

While it’ll never be used to carry real royalty, it doesn’t mean that we can’t pretend to be princes or princesses. Heck, if this writer had his way, he certainly would. But whatever the outcome may be, the car is an example of British automotive history that will certainly make one lucky owner very happy. Let's wish them the best, it certainly seems like a truly fantastic investment.