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Ever since its release the Range Rover Evoque has been an outstanding global success; achieving huge sales in ever market it’s been released in its fair to say that it’s been quite popular.

So when Land Rover comes round to improve on their hugely successful design what can they do? Cram it full of technology? Give it a larger engine?

The answer is a lot simpler; taking a less is moreattitudeLandRover have simply lopped off the roof to create a radical new convertible Evoque concept.

A concept which is being billed as the world’s first premium SUV by Land Rover itself, although officially the new Evoque is just a concept at this stage with no concrete plans for it to go into production. Land Rover is hoping to judge public opinion on the new convertible when it is unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next month and see whether there is a genuine market for the car. This bold move could allow Land Rover to break new ground in the SUV arena and pull ahead of its rivals.

The roof itself will be a folding soft top, which will be a lot lighter than a hard top convertible roof as well as meaning that Land Rover can keep much of the original lines of the Evoque. This doesn’t mean that the new convertible isn’t different however and the new model will have striking new looks with its open top, clean and uncluttered cabin without chunky roll bars. The new looks possibly enhance even further the Evoque’s already distinctive looks.

Still being post – production there is no word on what a new convertible Evoque may cost but it is expected to be higher than the current entry level Evoque. Whether the new Land Rover will ever hit the roads is entirely in hands of the public, and whether they approve.