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By now we’re all familiar with the musical abomination that is Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’. The thirteen year old’s universally loathed yet globally popular track resulted in death threats, comparisons with the almost equally resented Justin Bieber and a level of instant infamy. So why did this particular song attract so much attention? Well, think of the worst song you’ve ever heard, and multiply it by ten... Thousand. So generic was the sentiment of the song and so ill-thought out and lacking in originality were the lyrics that everyone began to scramble to listen to what was quasi-officially branded ‘the worst song ever’

The concept of the song essentially hinges on young Rebecca gushing about how excited she is about Friday (which she continually re-enforces throughout the song, is the day after Thursday, but before Saturday), a day which she aims to spend mainly partying and ‘getting down’. One of the most cringeworthy and memorable points in the song is when Rebecca spends a considerable amount of time deliberating about whether to sit in the front or the back of her friend’s convertible car. It is this level of meticulous detail and planning about inconsequential aspects of everyday life that earned ‘Friday’ its unenviable status as the worst peice of music ever to be produced.

In case you can’t bring yourself to view the video, Black eventually opted for the backseat. As car leasing and automotive industry experts, it would be wrong not call her decision into question. When faced with such a decision, we’d always take the front seat, for a number of reasons.  Firstly and most importantly, research has proved that in the event of an accident, sitting in the front seat is statically safer due to optimal airbag placement, Black should have certainly taken this into consideration, especially since the driver of the car looks to be no older than 10.

Car-sickness sufferers, which Black is likely to be given her young age, also fare better in the front seat of the car, this is because the occupant has a better view of what’s going on, and thus better spatial awareness making the onset of nausea less likely. Being 13 year who’s clearly out to impress, Black would also surely have gained more Kudos sitting in the front, we all know back seats of cars are generally reserved for social outcasts who don’t warrant being paraded around in the front of a convertible.

These are just a few of the myriad reasons that Black should actually have gone for the far safer, cooler and less nauseating front seat. Perhaps if she had the general public would have a lot more respect for her judgement and forgiven her woeful song-writing skills. As it stands however we’d bet that most people given the choice would consign Black to a firmly shut and locked boot!