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Image via Flickr user: Marit & Mark Koscak Photograpy - | BigMarx |

Saab has not had it easy. After suffering a bankruptcy in December 2011 it was bought by a Chinese-Swedish investment group called National Electric Vehicle Sweden the following year. With a lot of things in the air, the future looked grim for the popular manufacturer. But it is always darkest just before the dawn, and now they are back to take on the market, reading themselves for an exciting year ahead.

According to the company, the first vehicle to make a return is the 9-3 sedan. The model has been through a pre-production phase for the past several months and now it is ready for regular production at the Trollhattan factory in western Sweden.

AFP news agency spoke with Mikael Oestlund, a spokesman for Nevs, who told them that: "It's very similar, you can't change or develop very much in a year. We acquired the assets in August last year. Our focus has been to get the co-operation up and running with 400 suppliers and ensure the facilities were working.

"We don't want to make promises or forecasts we don't know we can fulfil," Oestlund told reporters. “We are humble and say we'll start the production volume with low figures and be able to increase over time according to the market's demand."

While it is great to see the Saab back in action, this new lease on life does come with a few catches however. For one, the initial round of the 2.0-litre turbocharged cars will be aimed at the Chinese markets and feature a new exterior that will be akin to those used by government agencies. Similarly, under NEVS control, the Saab cars will not be able to use the Griffin badge due to an agreement made between the previous owners and creditors. But whatever the difference may be, at least Saab back, and hopefully in the years to come it’ll return to us as well.