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While Steve Jobs may have passed on several weeks ago, his legacy continues to make headlines across the world. The most incredibly of these have been the Siri application found in the new iPhone 4S. Capable of doing practically everything but drive your car for you, the innovative additions made to the application have significantly altered what it’s capable of doing, producing a very powerful tool for the car enthusiast.

Most interesting of these capabilities is its ability to start your car on command. Developed by engineer Brandon Fiquett, his Viper SmartStart program allows him to start his Acura using his iPhone. He merely speaks to Siri and the machine does as its master commands. Knowing that this innovation could be applied further, Mr Fiquett also extended it to locking doors, opening trunks as well as even starting car alarms.

The system works by sending the command to Siri who uses the Viper server to rely the command over the cellular connection directly to the car. This interesting hack actually presents both an opportunity as well as a security issue as Siri is not meant to preform unauthorized tasks of this nature.

A further innovation was also made this week, this time by the website Auto Blog. The innovators wanted to see if the program was be capable of being tethered using a Bluetooth connection. Testing the development in a number of cars, including a Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300 and even a few Mercedes Benz, they showed that Siri was able to both understand commands and after several tries was capable of being used to control a cars built in music system.

As Phonereview noted, Youtube footage of the event showed how the Siri was capable of adapting to the facilities by fading audio when an incoming call came in. This innovation would allow drivers to simply call out commands while they drive, allowing them to remain undistracted and in complete of their entire music library.

Paired together these innovations seem to change the manner in which cars will work. If indeed apple were to allow such innovations on a wider scale we would all be able to control a variety of features in our cars from our phones. While apps offer a great deal of pleasure, being able to control a car on such a scale would completely recognize the way we drive and interact with out cars.