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It's nearly half term time again! Soon, the streets will once again be full of jovial children as they play with their tin cans and sticks and hoops, or something.

Road safety charity Brake fear the worst.

They've found that more than half of young drivers take to speeds in excess of 35mph in 20mph limit zones at least once a week.

Older drivers don't fare so badly in this shameful behaviour, but still: the 34% that do should indeed feel ashamed.

And when it comes to gender, age no longer seems to matter. 46% of all male drivers speed at 35mph+ in these hallowed 30mph limited areas.

Again, whilst women can feel a little bit of pride here, the 27% who do succumb to the demon of speed do tend to let the side down.

Brake read such statistics and shudder. They believe that such speeds serve to make our communities risky places for everyone to walk and cycle.

Children are always particularly at risk, and with half-term on the horizon, they fear a bloodbath.

That's why Brake are appealing to all drivers to slow down in order to help families get out and about with safety and dignity.

And remember, road safety is for life; not just for half-term.

Brake don't just want you to stay within the speed limit, though. They see no reason at all why you shouldn't be happy with sticking to 20mph or below around homes, schools and shops.

The faster you drive, the longer will be your stopping distance.

So the slower you drive, the less people will die.

It's that simple.

You have a responsibility to drive responsibly.

Be good.