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It's a well-known fact that there are few forces greater than that summoned when celebrities unite under the banner of a single cause. It is, therefore, something of a Very Good Thing Indeed that so many famous faces have joined forces in order to raise money for Breast Cancer Campaign. They've created a life-sized patchwork Smart Car to mark the launch of the limited edition Smart Fortwo Pink Passion.

This Patchwork Smart is made entirely of fabric donated by celebrities. It will soon be auctioned off with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer Campaign. On top of this, Smart will donate £10,000 from the sales of their Smart Fortwo Pink Passion. Cynics might point out that this sum is less even than the price of one such model. However, it must be remembered that they're not being forced to donate anything and, besides, every little helps, surely? And that is, undeniably, a big amount. So, well done, Smart. Well done.

There's quite a few big names involved. Over twenty, no less, including Russell Brand, Ryan Giggs, Sara Cox, Elizabeth Hurley, Rachel Stevens, Twiggy Lawson, Joanna Lumley and Jane McDonald. They've all donated bits of pink fabric to help create this life-sized patchwork Smart Fortwo. The car will be on display in Mercedes-Benz World in Surrey throughout October before being put up for auction on eBay. So put your bidding hats on!

Each donated piece of fabric is coupled with a message of support:

Sarah Cox, Radio 1 DJ: “The squares were cut from my youngest daughter’s outgrown vests. I hope with all my heart that a cure for Breast Cancer will be discovered before she reaches womanhood.”

Trisha Goddard, chat show host and breast cancer survivor: “My piece of pink material is a bra because post breast cancer, I can no longer wear pretty underwired underwear like this...still, a small price to pay. Here’s to happiness and good luck with the auction.”

Ryan Giggs, footballer: “I’d like to donate a doll’s babygro chosen by my daughter. Here’s to raising lots of money for Breast Cancer Campaign.”

Says Franklin Jacoyange, Breast Cancer Campaign's Corporate Partnership Executive: “We are delighted to have the support of smart and so many celebrities during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Money raised will help the charity fund vital research to help us beat breast cancer.”

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