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As soon as that first snowflake drifts onto British soil we feel like we’re completely trapped. Indeed, with little movement on the roads it is certainly not that far removed from reality. However, the ordeal survived by one snowed in Swedish driver will certainly put our views in perspective, showing us what feeling truly entombed feels like.

The epic tale surrounding 44-year-old Peter Skyllberg is perhaps stranger than one might expect. While many readers will have thought that the incident was brought on by accident, perhaps one caused by a small avalanche, the reality is quite different. In an extremely peculiar fashion, Mr Skyllberg knowingly placed himself in the car, entombing himself purposely.

The development of this story began last week when unnamed finders dug his Cherokee Jeep out of a snow mound. Reporters at the Telegraph suggested that when the authorities asked him why he intended on staying there he simply replied that “he wanted to hibernate” and that he thought it was a “good idea to hibernate.”

The vehicle was found nearly a mile away from the main road in area only accessible to snowmobiles. Under nearly half a meter of snow the man had built up quite a collection of survival items. These include, but where not limited to, a spare battery, three camping’s pans, a cool-box, a sleeping bag, as well as a great deal of kitchen towel.

In order to keep himself sane the man also had old paper cups of tea, old packets of prince cigarettes as well as a notebook to write down his thoughts. No traces of drugs or alcohol were found in the vehicle.

When found, the man was extremely dehydrated but remained quite coherent, explaining that he didn’t want to be taken to a hospital. When questioned about the incident he suggested that when he is released he would go back to the car immediately.

While journalists at the Guardian suggest that it would make for quite an interesting film plot, not unlike the incident involving Danny Boyle in 127 Hours, this story seems far less thrilling. While this incident involved a level of adversity, the willful placement of oneself in such a position does change the deeper meaning of this tale quite a bit. Rather than a struggle to survive unfortunate and accidental means, the choices of questionably stable individual would hardly make for an epic. Although, seeing the quality of the films being released year-to-year, one would hardly put it passed them.