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The past several years have seen a rise in-game downloadable content (DLC). Initially begun as extra fun features, game developers began to preference the features, forcing gamers to purchase more content even after they’ve bought the game. Causing a strain on the gamer and game producer relationship, Need for Speed World is one of the most recent company’s to offer DLC, charging players a ridiculous fee for a new custom vehicle.

Announced this week, the online game will be selling a Koenigsegg CCS “Elite” Edition on its in-game store for a whopping $100.00 (£62). Promising to be the hottest and best-designed car in the game, Need For Speed suggests that it will be in a class of its own. Indeed, the elite edition is so detailed that it comes with a titanium exhaust, logos on the windshield and even a carbon fibre kit. Giving you an array of different colours and parts to choose from, it will be the most costly fictional car you could ever hope to own.

A leader in online gamming, Need for Speed World offers its players an assortment of real-world licensed cars. Giving them the capability to challenge others and track their progress through their online leadersboards feature, the game sports an impressive three million registered players. Dubbed the most popular free-to-play racing game, the players are transported into a user-friendly world filled with gadgets that would make even the most wealth a bit envious.

Those that are particularly eager in getting their hands on the vehicle may be interested to know that it is currently 25% off. All you need to do is go to you Need for Speed World accounts and go to the “purchase New cars” section.

Furthermore, Need for Speed has also started promoting their new starter pack. Said to give players $20 worth of virtual currency, Nitrous, Traffic Magnets, as well as access to a number of features up to level 50. Once purchased Need for Speed promises that the customer will be disappointed with their decision.

A rather interesting example of the extreme nature of downloadable content, it seems that this type of trend will continue on for quite some time. While the vast majority of individuals won’t give this a second look, Need for Speed would not have created such a vehicle if it did not believed that at least a few individuals would purchase it.