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You all know the game where we ask our friends “if you could buy any car in the world, what would it be?” Well, celebrities don’t have to play that game… they live it.

So what car would you buy? An Aston Martin? Ferrari? Perhaps a Lamborghini takes your fancy? Forget them all – it appears the car to be seen in is the Bentley! Not even the Chelsea Tractor is as popular (or exclusive) as the infamous Bentley.

The most popular Bentley for our celebrity friends is the Bentley Continental. Denzel Washington, Kim Kardashian, Sharon Stone and Ice-T are just a few of the stars who have this beauty in the back of their garage. But not even these celebs can compete with Paris Hilton’s motor. The heiress forked out a whopping $285,000 for her pink Bentley Continental GT, complete pink grille, wheels, interior and even a diamond-encrusted dashboard.

Other stars behind the wheel of the famous automobile are American football player JaMarcus Russell, who owns a stunning silver Bentley Flying Spur, customized to sit on 22? Forgiato Otto chrome wheels. Although his NFL career has been a failure, it appears he’s still rolling in style off of the field. Musicians Jools Holland and Seal are also happy to flash their cash with Seal owning a Bentley Arnage Continental and Jools Holland owing a Bentley Turbo R.

So, fancy rubbing shoulders with Hollywood actors, rappers, musicians and sport stars? Best get saving then as prices for the new 2011 Bentley Continental GT haven’t been announced yet but are expected to be around the £130,000 mark. 

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