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Many of us drive to work or school and want to listen to a particular son on our iPods or other mp3 players. We are usually force dot use endless supplies of wires; cluttering whatever small space we have in the front go our cars. With greater developments in technology, Ford’s new “sync v5" will allow or integration of your various do-dads with a few added bonuses.

Ultimately the sync is created to provide the greatest wireless comfort your car can offer.  It meant to integrate voice activation, emergency assistances and navigation. It supports a whopping 10,000 phrases so that the car can understand anything form the colloquial to the direct. With such a wide display of words it is unlikely that you won’t get exactly what you want selected.

Integrating your music collection and accessing it through voice activation is perhaps the strangest and funniest ways to get around. Its selection feels like your in a science fiction film, talking to your car and it understanding your every command. However t gets a little fuzzy when you start to sing along with the song and the computer can produce errors.

Integrating in with the above features is the ‘text’ message option as well as any number of output and input devices that can sync any technology you own. Whether you’re looking for a simple USB or Wi-Fi connection, it will instantly recognize what you are trying to put into it through its ‘plugin- and- play’ software option. This type of system comes with a large touchscreen that also allows physical interplay and not simply verbal.

The heart of the device lies with the British ARM chip manufacturer that specializes in high performance, low energy computers. It will run using a Microsoft operating system, one that pays homage to the early 90’s representation.

There is hope that this system will be integrated within the European markets within the year. Whenever it may be, it looks like an interesting piece of technology that will make our lives earlier if not a little more entertaining.