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Nearly every large car company in the world is trying to develop a non-petrol powered vehicle. While electrics and hybrids have become favorites among many, recent developments in air technology seems to be driving Tata in a different direction, offering the world a astonishingly simple solution to the energy crisis.

The Indian company Tata, already known for making cheap and reliable vehicles, has told reporters this week that it has developed a prototype vehicle that is powered by compressed air using technology. Licencing it from Luxembourg’s MDI industries, a variety of newspapers and blogs reporting on its revolutionary underpinnings, with most agree that Tata’s high-tech ‘AIRPod’ may provide us all with a chance to drive cars using the very air in front of us.

The idea behind this technology rests on the cars capability to pump air into the tank via an electric engine or changing station. Huffington Post bloggers have noted that this system allows the car to run up to around 43mph, ultimately ushering’s in an environmentally car that’s an inexpensive way to get around in India’s growing middle class.

Beyond this unique driving method, the car also comes with several rather unique design concepts. Chief among these has been the ‘cargo’ type of transportation of goods where there are two seats at the front and a large boot capable of holding another individual.

In response to this amazing achievement, a spokesperson from MDI has been noted as say that “with small size, a tiny price, zero pollution, fun and futuristic design, AIRPod mark a turning point in the range of urban vehicles while renewing the idea of the automobile and transportation. You can drive with a joystick, it only costs one euro per 200 km and leaves no one indifferent in crept in traffic. It is a real breath of fresh air in our cities and the prelude to travel without pollution. Its small size makes it easy to park, keeping still a large internal volume. AIRPod help us to forget the price of petrol."

While the exact specifications and design has yet to be completely ironed out, the car is aimed to take on the European Smart car market as soon as it begins sell. Currently still in development stages, it is the company’s hopes that it will be found on roads throughout the world within the next few years.