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Nationwide Vehicle Contracts explores how cars and transportation can be used as a form of mindfulness and stress relief.

Cars are essential to our lives; they get us to work and help us see our loved ones. It’s estimated that we spend 597 hours a year on daily journeys, so we must make it stress-free.

In this blog, we’ll explore how cars and transportation can be used as a form of mindfulness and stress relief.

From tips on maximising your daily commute to staying relaxed while driving, we provide expert advice to help turn your drive into a positive and rewarding experience.

How Cars and Transport Can be Used as a Form of Stress Relief 

There are so many benefits to remaining calm and stress-free when behind the wheel. Not only will it improve your driving and judgement, but it will also make you associate your drive with positive emotions. This means you’ll be in a better mood when you arrive at your destination.

We can make our cars a form of mindfulness and stress relief in many ways, including:

Focus on the present – When you’re behind the wheel, focus on the present moment and your surroundings. Appreciate the scenery and the weather and notice the traffic. Ensure you’re fully engaged in your driving rather than daydreaming.

Control your breathing – You can use your drive as a form of meditation by focusing your breathing and letting your thoughts run without judgement. If you’re particularly stressed, taking deep breaths will help to calm you down.

Listen to calming music – Calming music and sounds is one of the best ways to release stress. Genres such as classical music or nature sounds are popular as they promote relaxation.

Change your route – If you take the same route daily, your drive will become mundane. Changing your route can lead you to break your routine and add a bit of difference to your commute.

Use the drive to reflect – If you’re driving for a long time, use the time to reflect on your day or the goals you’ve set for yourself. This will help clear your mind and put you at ease.

NOTE – Remember that your top priority is road safety when driving. Ensure you practice these techniques as safely as possible.

How to Maximise Your Daily Drive 

If you’re spending a lot of time on the road, there are loads of ways you can make the journey more engaging:

Learn something new – Use your daily commute to learn something new. Listen to an educational podcast on a topic that interests you or sync your phone to your infotainment system and learn a new language.

Plan your day – Use the commute to plan your day in your head. Make a to-do list or prioritise your work schedule for the day. This will reduce stress as you feel more organised at the end of your commute.

Catch up with loved ones – Sync your phone to hands-free and use your commute to catch up with loved ones on the phone.

Enjoy the scenery – If you have a scenic drive, take time to appreciate the scenery around your car. This will help you appreciate your commute and promote feelings of calm.


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