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The New Nissan X-TrailBack in June this year, Donna test drove the new Nissan X-Trail and as part of the launch of the car, Nissan asked people right across Europe to send in their ‘Adventure Selfies' online for their chance to win the ‘Ultimate Himalayan Adventure' – and that chance arrived in November for 30 year-old Adam Pagett from the UK, 31 year-old Jauffray Dunyach from France, 23 year-old Jose Clavijo from Spain and 35 year-old German Markus Vetter.

The New Nissan X-Trail in actionAnd Bastien Schupp, Vice President of Marketing, Nissan Europe, gave a hint as to what all the adventure was about: "It is essential for people to weave an element of excitement into their lifestyle that lets them escape from the everyday. Ultimately, the most important factor for adventure is enjoyment, so that should be the priority when deciding. The new Nissan X-Trail is aimed at adventure seekers and has been designed to make exploring even easier."

Setting off from Kathmandu, the intrepid four travelled in a Nissan X-Trail into the Himalayas with world-class mountaineer, psychologist and author of ‘Adventure in Everything', Matt Walker, and were immediately immersed in the incredible culture and landscape of Nepal. Guided by local independent adventure travel leaders they all experienced a multitude of adventure activities from canyon swinging and trekking to waterfall swimming and downhill mountain biking, aided and assisted by Matt who was trying out the ‘adventure formula’ that he has developed over years of exploring the benefits of adventure on individual wellbeing by drawing on his decade of experience.

The formula, revealed during his intensive work with Nissan, looks like every schoolboy’s nightmare (and schoolgirl) bringing back memories of maths lessons pouring over algebraic formulae.

Adventure = F (P + Ue + Gc + Pm) - O

Calm down! It’s not as bad as it looks. Not when you look at the key to those letters anyway.

F is for Fun – And with the Nissan X-Trail Adventure (and more specifically in Matt Walker’s formula) there are 2 types of FUN: Type 1 is making the most of the present and involves very short-term memory: and type 2 “requires determination, humour and grace to get you through the experience as you are rewarded with an indelible memory that shifts your perspective, sense of well-being and gratitude to those around you.”

P is for Passion, an intense enthusiasm that energises, yields curiosity and brings out your best performance

Ue is for a Unique Experience, meaning an occasion with great memories and an unsure outcome

Gc is for Great Companionship – all those friends, family and colleagues that ever challenged and supported you to achieve your very best

Pm is for the Present in the moment – the chance to do what you do without distraction right there and then

O is for the Ordinary - Routines and patterns that are comfortable, familiar and have a predictable outcome


The whole aim of the competition was to try and find the most adventurous individuals in Europe (as well as to publicise the Nissan X-Trail obviously) and was created by Nissan following the results of a Nissan-commissioned YouGov survey, which interviewed more than 6,250 people across five European countries about what they thought adventure really was.

46% of those asked defined adventure as doing ‘something exciting that gets my adrenaline flowing', with 59% saying that the main goal for seeking adventure is ‘excitement and enjoyment' (59%) and 45% of adults looking to ‘escape the everyday'.

Mind you, 52% of the surveyed people felt that money was very limiting when it came to achieving the thrill factor, followed by fear (31%) and health and family commitments (28%).

Matt Walker explains more about the idea of adventure: "The challenges of adventure reward us with a more realistic perspective on the rest of our lives. While ordinary life can sometimes feel difficult, engaging in adventure increases our ability to handle everyday life's ups and downs.  Additionally, adventure offers an opportunity to bring your best self forward and increases confidence."

The X-Trail Adventure was filmed, and a feature-length documentary, as well as a short form edit (10-12min), will be premiered at the 10th Annual Adventure Film Festival at the London Gala viewing on 8th January 2015 with a live Q&A session at the screening with the UK ‘#XTrailAdventure' winner, Adam Pagett. Other viewings are available around the country.