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Nationwide Vehicle Contracts provides insight into the psychology of car colours to help when choosing your next lease car.

For many of us, cars are an extension of our personality. From the purr of an engine to the curves that define its exterior, a car goes beyond transport. That's why the colour of your car matters so much.

Each colour has a different meaning, and you might not think it, but we subconsciously gravitate towards certain car colours for what they represent.

In this blog, we'll explore the psychology of car colours to help you make informed and confident decisions with your next lease car.

The Significance of Car Colours 

The colour of your car is the first thing that everyone will notice about it. Car colours matter because they evoke strong emotional responses and influence driver perceptions.

The colour of each car on the road creates a subconscious profile of the person driving it, which could influence how you act on the road. 

For example, bright colours are associated with dashing drivers, so you might get other motorists peering into your car or having some fun with you on the road. If this isn't your thing, choosing a bright-coloured car isn't for you. That's why it is essential we understand the psychology of car colours.

Popular Car Colours in the UK 

Car colour preferences have evolved over the years in the UK, matching cultural influences and contemporary trends. We initially had conservative colours in the post-war era, bright and bold colours in the 70s and 80s, and metallic colours in the 2000s.

As well as matching fashion trends, certain car colours are popular with different demographics. Younger drivers tend to prefer bold and vibrant colours like red and blue, while older drivers lean towards classic and timeless colours like black, white, and grey.

Black: Elegance and Sophistication 

Black is one of the most popular car colours on the road. The colour is associated with sophistication and power, evoking a strong psychological impact on both drivers and observers.

In business settings, black cars are associated with success and authority, while in social settings, they are seen as a symbol of elegance that commands respect.

If you’re leasing your next car for business purposes, black is your colour. 

White: Purity and Modernity 

Whereas black cars symbolise power and respect, white cars represent purity and modernity. The colour looks good on any car it's on, making it a popular choicer for drivers across various demographics.

White cars are more likely to be driven by calm and happy motorists as they reflect sunlight, providing a sense of coolness and energy efficiency while also being easily customisable with accessories.

If you want to come across as friendly yet with some class, white is the car colour for you. 

Blue: Calmness and Trustworthiness 

Blue cars are known for their calming effect on both drivers and observers. The colour is associated with the sky and the ocean, contributing to its ability to instil a sense of openness and freedom.

Moreover, the colour blue is perceived to be trustworthy and dependable, making it a great choice for seeking a safe driving experience.

It's worth noting that different shades of blue, such as light blue, may enhance the feelings of calmness and approachability, while darker shades, like navy blue, can exude authority.

Red: Energy and Passion

Red cars wield a strong psychological influence, symbolising passion and excitement. In a personal setting, a red car can portray that its owner is dynamic and adventurous, while in business, it's associated with assertiveness and ambition.

On the road, red cars might be perceived as attention-grabbing and may influence how other drivers act around them, such as cautious driving. 

Green: Nature and Balance 

Green cars are seen in connection with nature, balance, and harmony. The association with eco-friendliness and environmental consciousness makes green cars appealing to eco-conscious drivers who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Choosing a green car symbolises a commitment to sustainability and would go down very well in communities trying to tackle global warming.

Silver: Modernity and Innovation 

Silver cars hold modern and innovative connotations, making them a popular choice among drivers in the UK. A slick and futuristic colour, silver cars are aligned with cutting-edge technological advancements in the automotive industry.

The reflective nature of silver paint reflects the integration of advanced materials, giving the vehicles a sophisticated and contemporary appearance.

Silver cars are a great choice for a business lease car as they are modern but also look very professional. 

Yellow: Optimism and Attention-Grabbing 

Yellow is the car colour that grabs the most attention. It's bright and bold on the road and evokes feelings of happiness and warmth. The colour easily captures the attention of onlookers, making yellow cars stand out on the road.

Because of this, yellow cars have been utilised to create eye-catching advertisements and promotional events, leveraging the colour's psychological effects to draw customers' attention. Although not a car, the Beatle's yellow submarine did this perfectly.

The optimistic and fun connotations of yellow also make it a popular choice for drivers associated with creativity and innovation.

Customising Car Colours 

We've all wanted to have a go on Pimp My Ride, right? Imagine crafting the perfect exterior colour for your car to be a literal extension of your personality! Well, this isn't really possible in car leasing, but you can at least select the colour you want! 

Manufacturers often have a range of colours available for their cars, so ensure you choose one that reflects your personal preferences and style. Have a think about your personality traits and the emotions you want to evoke with your car, whether it's a bold and energetic vibe or a subtle and sophisticated tone.

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