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The all-new Renault Kadjar

Having seen the success of the Renault Captur (178,000 sold in 2014 throughout Europe), another part of the family has decided they want a piece of the action; so the Renault Kadjar, the brand’s first C-segment crossover, has raised its head above the Crossover parapet.

The Renault Kadjar on the roadRevealing itself at the Geneva Motor Show in March, the Kadjar promises some fluid, athletic exterior styling, a sporty and refined interior, and a range of particularly efficient engines which position it at the forefront of the segment in terms of low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


"Renault is positioning itself in the C-segment crossover market with a design that blends strength and elegance. With its Flame Red launch colour, the Renault Kadjar brings a breath of fresh air to the market and plays upon its power of seduction."

The Renault Kadjar takes a lot from the collection of SUVs, saloons and estates in Renault's collection- and all the best bits too! Taking the very best bits of DNA of the Captur concept car and the DeZir concept car, the new car has a personality all of its own in size (4.45 metres long x 1.84 metres wide) and low roofline (1.60m), designed to accentuate the vehicle’s dynamic stance.

At the front we are impressed with the show of strength demonstrated by the width-illusioning chrome strip across the head lights enhances, the flowing, athletic silhouette and sensuous fluidity of lines accentuated by the door finishes.

Following the car past its rugged shoulders which merely contribute to the overall sensation of dynamism and strength, we arrive at the sculptured rear where the bodywork subtly integrates the bumper.

The Renault Kadjar profileThere is no doubt at all that the Renault Kadjar is a high-quality vehicle.

Sitting high up with a ground clearance of 190mm, sitting head and shoulders above the majority of cars on the road not only offers an illusion of supremacy  but also hints at the Kadjar’s ability to head off the beaten track - an impression aided by the addition of large 690mm wheels, rims of up to 19-inches (depending on version) and black wheel arch extensions.

If you want character, the Renault Kadjar has it in spades, and nowhere is it reinforced more than with the new lighting signature. 

The Renault Kadjar ready to goFor the daytime running lights there is an LED (Light Emitting Diode) light guide in the form of the letter ‘C’ with the chrome strip continuity within the headlight contributing to the impression of elegance and quality that is oh-so evident amongst all its ruggedness.

At the back the rear lighting is similarly modern in the shape of a rippled light effect that was previously seen on the Captur concept car; an effect that is only made better by the body colour door mirror housings and door handles, and the chrome windows and daytime running light surrounds.


It is not just outside that the Renault Kadjar impresses with the smart and comfortable interior mirroring the refinement of the model’s exterior.

Helping with safety as well as style, the instrument panel falls naturally into the driver’s line of sight, helped by the fact that the horizontal lines of the dashboard design make the cabin look wider.

IThe Renault Kadjar interiorf you want sportiness then there is a 1.4-square metre fixed glass sun roof for starters, and a bold, expressive gear lever enhanced by refined, glittering inlays. The seats also have double rows of visible stitching.

The Renault Kadjar "blends a subtle combination of SUV, estate car and saloon cues, while retaining the undiluted DNA and design thinking of the Renault brand" meaning that it could well be all car to all men/women from the robustness of the SUV world with its all-wheel drive to the everyday usage for family thanks to its spacial awareness and versatility along with the low fuel consumption courtesy of the Stop & Start system it carries and the vast array of driving aids including ‘hands-free’ parking and a reversing camera for easy parking in town.

Finally, the Renault Kadjar boasts low fuel consumption. Its Stop and Start system enables fuel to be saved and reduces pollution in built-up areas.

The Renault Kadjar certainly is a Big Brother to the Captur - and a stand-alone car in its own right.

The Renault Kadjar logo